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i5 capital was founded after years of working in the business and investment industry. Our goal is to help entrepreneurs turn their own ideas and visions into successful companies with fundraising and corporate guidance. As a results-driven organization, we are constantly looking for ambitious and visionary partners with the drive and flexibility to take their company to the next level. For details about our investment process as well as our level of involvement, get in touch with us.

Who we are

North America - Canada

Hasnain Habib

Raza Husain

Hasnain is a passionate entrepreneur and the cofounder of i5 Capital. Ever since he was at college he has shown enthusiasm to investing in private businesses and early stage investing. Hasnain graduated from the American College of Switzerland and started his career in the family’s banking business. He later saw opportunities in the other areas of the family business and focused on distressed assets and business restructuring. During this time he developed a keen interest in Entrepreneurs and made investments in private businesses. Hasnain moved to Canada and cofounded i5 Capital to pursue his interest and investments in private businesses and help entrepreneurs taking their new businesses to the next stage. 

Raza, cofounder of i5 Capital, is a chartered accountant and a member of the Canadian Institute of Chartered Accountants (CICA) and the Ontario Institute of Chartered Accountants (OICA). Having started his career at Deloitte & Touche, he has worked in public accounting, government and industry. After a few years in public accounting, he worked at the Canada Revenue Agency (CRA) before moving to industry. He held senior level positions in a number of industry leading organizations before starting WH Partners LLP, Chartered Accountants, a full service public accounting firm in 2003.  Working in industry, Raza was instrumental in preparing a large private profitable company’s buyout by a New York investment bank and started KHP Group in 2003 as a full service management consulting firm providing a range of services to venture capital firms. From virtual CFO services to tax structuring, the firm was able to provide valuable insight and advice to it’s clients in various health care and software industries.


Vice President & CFO

Bilal Hydrie

Director Investment Advisory

Bilal is the founder and president of Inclusive Energy Ltd. and Global Centurion Investments (GCI).

Inclusive Energy, is a private oilfield equipment supplier that has continued to grow since 2009, in spite of the downturn in the economy.

Today Inclusive is one of the largest traders in surplus oilfield equipments with a keen focus on distressed assets. 

At the same time his private equity firm, GCI, has expanded far beyond Alberta’s energy sector.

Bilal brings immense value to the board and is deeply involved in all investment making decisions at i5 Capital 

Imran Habib

Director - Real Estate Investments

Imran started his career at Habib Sugar Mills in 1994 after completing his undergraduate study at Nova Southeastern University in the United States. In just a couple of years, Imran was heading the company and started to expand. In the year 2000 he put up a state of the art Ethanol plant and soon after a Carbon Dioxide plant was put up after signing long term contracts with Multinational companies.

With multiple divisions generating cash flows, Imran then started to actively invest in the stock markets taking sizable shares in blue chip companies. Today the investment division is a major contributor to the bottom line at the company.

Imran moved to Canada in 2016 and joined i5 Capital. He is the VP of Investments and is actively involved in exploring growth opportunities in the real estate sector. 

Monica Goyal

Legal Advisor

After graduating from her undergraduate degree from the University of Waterloo, where she was a Dean's List Scholar, Monica attended Stanford University, where she earned her Master’s degree in Electrical Engineering. Monica also holds a law degree from the University of Toronto. Monica has extensive industry experience as an electrical engineer. She was employed in the United States and Canada in research and development with several major telecommunications and semiconductor companies. After the completion of her law degree, she worked with a top Canadian IP firm. Monica's volunteer work with organizations such as Griffin Centre, Adventure Place, Downtown Legal Services, and Pro Bono Law Canada has given her insight into the accessibility and affordability of legal needs for the marginalized. She developed My Legal Briefcase to empower individuals going to court. 

Zia Habib

Advisor - HR and Strategic Growth 

Zia Habib has always been passionate about teaching and life coaching. Having ignited her passion for human development and curiously seeking answers to questions such as, “What drives an individual?” “Why do we behave the way we do?” and “How can we achieve our highest potential?” led her to becoming certified as an NLP practitioner (Transformations Institute in Dubai, UAE) and a Brain Gym trained professional (Education Kinesiology for children in Dubai, UAE). After moving to Canada she furthered her skills by becoming a certified Strategic Interventionist and Life Coach (by the Robbins Maddanes Core 100 Life coach training program). She successfully coaches various executives and professionals in privately owned companies and mentors individuals from various sectors of life. 

Asia Pacific & South Asia 

Ammar Habib

Ammar joined the i5 Capital team in 2017. Prior to joining, Ammar spent four years with Crescent Wealth, an Australian ethical funds management investment business, serving as the Head of Distribution, helping grow the firm from a start-up to a mature business. Ammar has previously worked in a range of financial services and management consulting roles domestically and abroad, spending his early years at corporates such as J.P.Morgan, Ernst & Young, Pricing Insight and Bank Al Habib. In the community, Ammar remains active promoting innovative and sustainable initiatives. He holds a Bachelor of Commerce with majors in Finance and Accounting from the University of Sydney.

Head of APAC Investments

Mikaeel Habib

Mikaeel started his career in the financial sector in Boston after having completing a double major in Economics and International Relations from Tufts University in masachussets. After a few years, he sensed the opportunity in Pakistan, where he relocated and began working in the Textile industry, the largest sector in Pakistan. Mikaeel went on to launch two start-ups, in the automobile and alternative energy sectors.  He brokered joint ventures by bringing together partners from across the country and internationally. In addition to his entrepreneurial experience, Mikaeel also has extensive knowledge and experience of the financial markets and trades stocks and shares on a personal and corporate level. Mikaeel is also on the advisory boards of two schools in Pakistan and is working to integrate ICTs for education within the curriculum

Head of South Asia

Faris Habib

Business Analyst

Faris completed his business degree from the Royal Melbourne Institute of Technology in 2013 and began his career at a Melbourne based corporate advisory and funds management business as an equities analyst where he worked for a period of two years. He then transitioned into investor relations where he worked in one of Australia’s top performing consultancies for three years as an account manager. Faris joined the i5 Capital team in early 2018 and will assist in generating and analyzing future investment opportunities.

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