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Reyners Capital - Ontario, Canada

September 2017

Reyners Capital is an investment company focused on real estate development in Ontario. Reyners is undertaking a sizeable development project in Southern Ontario. The project will likely go on till 2021.


Reyners was looking for capital injection to meet its financial demands to execute this project. i5 is proud to be associated with Reyners through equity investment and we are now working together to ensure smooth operations and execution of this project.

Inclusive Energy Limited - Alberta, Canada

February 2012

Inclusive Energy and i5 Capital shook hands in late 2011 and signed an equity deal in February 2012. i5 became a 50% shareholder in Inclusive Energy Limited. At the time Inclusive was poised for growth in the Oil & Gas services sector.


Today the partnership of Inclusive and i5 is more like a family business. over the last 5 years the company has grown exponentially in terms of revenue and profits.


Bilal Hydrie is the CEO of Inclusive and also a valuable member of i5 Capital's management board and Investment advisory committee.

Va8ive Digital - Karachi, Pakistan

November 2018

Va8ive is a digital marketing company that owns several content creation and coupon generation websites.


It promotes as well as manages various international brands such as Nordstrom, Walmart, and Nike reach new digital heights through their expertise of generating sales using paid as well as, organic digital mediums.

Conatural - Lahore, Pakistan

October 2020

Conatural is an award winning women led organization that was launched in 2016 as a pioneer in manufacturing and retailing truly natural and organic beauty products, setting a new standard in the Pakistani beauty industry. The company is committed to recycling and no animal testing. Its factory premises are ISO 22716 Good Manufacturing Practices (GMP) certified since inception.
Many of the brand’s campaigns are based on social activism - highlighting Beauty Beyond Colour, and issues relating to women, autism, health and fitness. Conatural sells online, in its own physical stores and through high-end retailers throughout Pakistan and exports products to the UAE and UK.

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